Equity in Entrepreneurship

A program of FCDI and G2G Ventures

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The Equity in Entrepreneurship program, or EquinEnt, is a collaborative project of Grow to Greatness Ventures and the Foundation for Community Driven Innovation and local area business leaders. The mission of EquinEnt is to help bridge the race and gender equity gap in early stage entrepreneurship to help create more inclusive pathways to the Tampa Bay startup ecosystem .

Need an extra push to start your new business or grow your existing business to greatness? That’s what we do!

Training & Coaching Services For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

By cultivating early stage entrepreneurship and elevating the prospects of our community, individuals are afforded new opportunities to improve their life, and that of their families and friends!

Earn Tuition Reimbursement & More While You Learn

This program brought so much clarity to me! It really helped me figure out what I wanted to do with my businesses and I had mentors around me who would help me take those steps!”

Joelle Hinds

CEO, Slay All Day Nails

“I am very grateful to FCDI and Grow to Greatness Ventures for this awesome opportunity to grow my business that was tanking fast! They provided networking support, seed money, professionalism and so much more that helped me reinvent my business. They make this word a better place!”

Sheema McCoy

CEO, Car Salvage Service of Tampa Bay

“We are thankful for this program. For a long time we dreamed of having our own business, but we did not know where to start with it. This program gave us the jump start we needed to make our dream come true. It helped us get a clear vision and purpose for our business, and the seed money to launch it to the next level. Very grateful for all the instruction and support!”

Rosemary and Angel Guadalupe

Owners, Angel Eyes Home Watching Services

The EquinEnt Course is Presented in Two Phases

Phase 1: Business Essentials

  • 4  weeks
  • What’s your Why?
  • Define the Problem being Solved.
  • List Assumptions about Customer Demand
  • Discover 3 Competitors, How are you different?
  • Create Startup Budget 
  • Register Business with State
  • Secure an EIN #
  • File for DUNS #
  • Open a Wave Accounting Software account
  • Secure your Business Domain
  • Develop first iteration of Business Model
  • 40 Customer Survey 

Phase 2: Business Growth

  • 6 Weeks
  • Create your Customer Persona 
  • Build a Customer Empathy Map 
  • Determine Customer Demand 
  • Refine Business Model 
  • Develop your SWOT Analysis 
  • Complete a Market Analysis 
  • Create your Sales Funnel 
  • Create your Value Ladder 
  • Deploy MVP Techniques 
  • 60 Customer Surveys 
  • Deliver 1 Million Cups Presentation
  • Finalize Budget, Expenses & Projected Revenues 1 year 

“Every participant is held to the standard of putting in the effort necessary to achieve their dreams and accomplish their own goals.”

Josh Ray, president – Grow to Greatness Ventures,  LLC

Fully committed Equity in Entrepreneurship participants can receive:

  • Up to 100% EquinEnt tuition reimbursement!

  • Course Books

  • Training and development workshops

  • Exclusive Program Perks 

  • Up to $500 seed funding for your business

  • Marketing & Creative Support

  • Accounting Management & Support

  • Business Bank Account Setup Support

  • Prototyping Assistance
  • 1 Million Cups tips & practice


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