We have a wide range of businesses in our most cohort, and next up is Neville Trim Lauder, of Trim Printing.

Trim Lauder moved from New Jersey/New York to Florida with his younger sister in the early 90’s. He has a Bachelors Degree in Health Administration, is Caregiving certified in the state of Florida, is ordained by the Universal Life Church and volunteers at the United for Human Rights branch of Clearwater, Florida. Trim is passionate about networking and helping people connect on an affordable level , so TrimPrinting LLC was a natural fit. This perpendicular American enjoys traveling, reading novels, playing chess and then occasional  Mortal Kombat on the PlayStation 4. Grateful for an amazing group of friends he considers family worldwide, and he’s committed to making sure customers enjoy quality products with price matching opportunities. 

TrimPrintingLLC provides nationwide shipping with 24/7 online ordering a full color print and design products. Business cards, logo designs, car magnets, calendars, yard signs, screen printing and many products located conveniently at www.trimprinting.com

Trim is passionate about his business for many reasons but mainly for the opportunity to help others market and promote their own business or ideas. Whether it’s entrepreneurship, corporate business world or nonprofit ventures the opportunity to share your concepts is a superb way of spreading good energy on a universal and higher level. 

“Equinent definitely provides the tools to bridge entrepreneurship at any level,” Trim says. “The concepts and materials are laid out, very easy to follow along with and staff are excellent with what I believe to be an important skill that I’m still trying to master….. and that is clear communication. Emails are clear and easy to read through, website referrals to us are extremely helpful and resources provided I am very grateful for. “

We’re glad Trim was among our Spring 2021 entrepreneurs – and have used his printing services to great effect, and are happy to recommend Trim Printing!