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What is Equity in Entrepreneurship?

Equity in Entrepreneurship (EquinEnt) is a pathway of opportunity for anyone who has a small business or business idea, and the desire to develop the skills needed to make it a success. EquinEnt grants access to industry experts and community mentorship, helping to profitably identify customer’s needs and demands, and establishing a foundational business process designed to scale and grow the business for the long term.

How Do I Know if the EquinEnt Program Is Right for Me?

If you answer YES to all of these questions, this program is for you:

  • I have a small business or an idea for one I’d like to start.
  • I have a successful business, no-quit, entrepreneurial mindset.
  • I’m open to constructive criticism and being advised what may or may not work.
  • I hold myself accountable for my actions and words.
  • I have a set of goals, or welcome help defining my goals.
  • I can commit to engaging in all 16 weeks of the course.
  • I can commit the tuition fee ($500) deposit, and I understand that my positive engagement throughout the class will earn me up to full reimbursement of the tuition deposit at the conclusion of the class.
  • I understand that failure to complete the class achievements may result in forfiture of my tuition deposit.
Do You Only Work With Startup Companies?

Mostly we do, but there are exceptions. We primarily work with pre-revenue companies, or small businesses that generate less than $100k in early years of revenue.   Our Startup Studio program is designed for Early Stage Startups. Our G2G Venture Builder is open and available to any company in need of Business Consulting or Business Advising on their various business needs, such as: business model design, marketing strategy, content creation, strategic brand messaging, brand image and more.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

Yes indeed. Our Venture Builder offers services in Business Model Design, Marketing Strategy, Content Creation, Business Planning, Strategic Planning, Accounting, Legal, Website Development, Sales Funnels, SWOT assessment, Business Pivot, Product Expansion, eCommerce, PPC, Branding, and more!

Do You Invest In Companies?

At this time we don’t do traditional investments. However depending upon your engagement during the course, we do provide up to $500 in seed funding to your business at the courses conclusion.

How much does does it cost to register for the class?

Registration fee for the EquinEnt program is $500.  BUT keep in mind that if you’re fully engaged throughout all class sessions, you can receive a full reimbursement of the class fee PLUS up to an additional $500 in seed funding for your business.

How can I pay the course fee?

We accept cash, check, or credit card.  You can make your selection when you fill out the registration form.  If an extreme case of economic hardship limits one’s ability to pay the fee, assistance may be available.  A request to discuss such options will be on the registration form.

What does being "fully engaged" in the class mean, and why is it important?

Being fully engaged in the EquinEnt program includes attending all class sessions.  If the class is held in-person, you must attend in-person.  All COVID safety precautions will be in-place (mandatory face masks, social distancing, health screening).  If the class is held virtually, you must attend online with your device camera and microphone turned on.

Additionally, fully engaged means paying attention, taking notes, asking questions as needed, performing any homework assignments, and executing the tasks necessary to legally establish your business as will be explained during the class training sessions.

What happens if I'm not "fully engaged" in the class?

You get out of EquinEnt what you put into it.  Participants who are not fully engaged in the EquinEnt course may see their business seed funding and class fee reimbursement reduced or eliminated based on the extent of their non-engagement.  If you miss more than two classes your registration fee will not be reimbursed. And if you skip your 1 Million Cups presentation, you forfeit your seed funding. So you see, it makes sense to stay fully engaged throughout the course, establish your business, learn all you can, and come out ahead at the end.

I have more questions that aren't answered in this FAQ

See the Contact button below.  Click that and fill out the Contact form with your questions.  We’ll respond within 48 hrs.  If yant to speak on the phone, or meet in person you can request that too.

OK, so how do I register for the next EquinEnt course?

Our 2022 program sessions will begin in the spring. To indicate your interest in being part of the next cohort, go to the Contact form here (or click the Contact button below) and select “I want to register for the next cohort.”  We’ll be in touch soon to learn more about your business idea and to give you more information about the upcoming class, to help you confirm if this program is the right fit for you, at which time you can complete your registration.  Please note that registration is prioritized for Uptown/University area residents for the program at AMRoC Fab Lab.

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